Tuesday, November 06, 2007

More Ghost stories

Ok, I know it's after Halloween but I just found this video today. It definitely has some "hoaky" parts in it, but there are a few shots that if real are pretty amazing! I can't say for sure if they are real or not. Without having been there and witnessed some of the details it's impossible for the average viewer to really make a call. BUT... Skip the first segment and "Fastforward" (You can drag the slider once the video loads) to about 5:40. Pretty spooky huh? Is it fake? Could be. It has some things that just don't seem kosher to me. The way the glass moves and buckles the tablecloth doesn't look right. That would mean there would have to be a lot of downward pressure on the glass to make the tablecloth do that.
The next segment again... could be faked. The video quality is pretty poor. I could see the chair and the sheetrock being attached to a fishing line or something like that. Again, if real, pretty impressive.
But now we get to the good one at about 7:55. This next segment has Ed and Loraine Warren. They are well known in the "paranormal world" as being "demonologists." I've never met them, but I know people who have. I can not make a judgment call on their character, but since I know people who will vouch for them, I have to give them the benefit of the doubt.
That part with the kid sitting in the chair is amazing.

I'm not saying anything, I'm just saying :)
You can pretty much skip the rest of the video after that. The rest are things that I personally believe are normal events that can be explained.

Sleep tight :)
Here's the link to the google video.

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