Wednesday, November 07, 2007

New Planet

So the universe is big. No REALLY BIG. And somehow in that vast amount of nothingness, scientists have discovered yet another new planet. Now before you pack your bags and say "get me off of this spinning blue marble" it won't be any time soon that you'll get there. It's 41 light years away! Not to mention is an all gaseous planet. But the scientists say (so far) that this is the closest solar system like ours with 5 planets.

I'm trying to remain positive today, because I just woke up this morning and heard a 2 minute financial report on NPR. It was full of words like "fear, panic, dollar, china, "something - we don't know what - will break" - not exactly words of calm and peace. I wandered over to the financial section on yahoo (of which I know nothing about!) and saw that one US dollar is worth 30,000 Zimbabwean Dollars. Woohoo! I'm moving there so I can be RICH! (I know, it's not really a funny thing to joke about - sry). And Speaking of RICH, my friend pointed out to me this morning that would could have been rich... About 7-8 years ago we were both considering buying some Stock in Apple. It was a measly $15-18 a share. But I said "I have so many other and BETTER uses for $1000 in stock". Well, I'm kicking myself in the head now... Apple Stock is now at $190 a share. If I bought in at $1000 at $18 per share I'd have approx 55 shares, which now would have been worth about $10,000! Dang it.
Say - la - V

Have a good Wednesday :)

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