Thursday, July 03, 2008

movie: Songcatcher

I just finished watching a good movie called "Songcatcher" (imdb).
My mother had recommended this movie to me and I thank her for that.
First, lets get this out in the open right at the beginning - it's a chick flick :)
No car chases, no gun fights (though guns were drawn several times!), etc...
But this is one of those movies that I like because it had a storyline.
The acting was well done (though Janet McTeer who played Prof. Lily was a tad bit one dimensional, though I think that was supposed to be how her character was). I've always been a fan of Aidan Quinn too. I was also impressed with Emmy Rossum (Deladis) performance, I think she stole each scene that she was a part of.
Lastly... Almost like the actors themselves, a very important character in this film was - The music! A lot of "old timey" back woods bluegrass style songs. It's been a while since I've listened to my bluegrass collection, but this movie sparked that interest again.
Not to mention, that It helps reinforce my unexplained draw to visit the south (Tennesse for some reason is calling me - though the movie was filmed in Asheville, North Carolina.)
Go rent this movie if you like a good story about country/bluegrass music.

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Anonymous said...

Great! glad you enjoyed it. i've never been to tennessee, but a friend is retiring there and "paints a pretty picture" of mountains and easy-paced living that one cannot dislike.