Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The last Templar and Spook Country - books

I've put way too much pressure on myself to write something of substance! I should just go in and delete that previous post. But I won't I'll leave it there as a reminder to myself that I should never do that again! Rather, I'm going to go back to just posting about whatever I want and whenever I want! So take that my previous self!

Well, unfortunately I waited too long to post a meaningful review of a book I recently finished. The book was called "The Last Templar". First off... this book was NOT what I was expecting it to be. I thought it would be about the history of the Templars, maybe a little "da Vinci Code" thrown in, etc... But instead it was a sort of modern day cop thriller with only hints at the Templar story. Granted, the book did eventually get into a bit more of an explanation on the Templars, but still. So once I got over this initial dissapointment, I decided to stick with it and see where the author would take me. The first sign to me enjoying a book... actually FINISHING it! So that says something right there. It overall was a good story. It had a few "hollywood style" coincidences but I was able to overlook those. One of the pivitol points in the book invovled a slam against religion (Catholicism and Christitanity to be specific), and although I don't agree with everything the author (or character in the book) said, I will grant them, that it was good information to ponder.
Bottom line... If you're looking for a summer read, I'd recommend this book. If you're sensitive to having an athiest question your beliefs, you might want to skip this book.

So, in having finished that book, I'm met with the unfortunate task of deciding which of several books to read next! Yes, I have several books here on my shelves already, waiting for me to read them. I decided to go with William Gibson's "Spook Country." I saw Mr. Gibson speak several months ago at the Philadelphia Free Library (I thought he gave a poor presentation for what it's worth). But, I did buy his book and have it autographed. So I feel somewhat obligated to read this. MAN... I am having such a difficult time getting into this book! First off, he seems to write with a sense of A.D.D. He tends to wander in his descriptions of events and places. I keep wanting to shake the book and say "get a hold of yourself, and finish one train of thought!" The other problem I'm having is the many different names and characters he's introduced. I can't keep them all straight! Lastly, I have a real problem with some of his "fanciful" writing. For example, this random quote:
The Flagellant Messiah, as Milgrim imagined him, was a sort of brightly colored Hieronymus Bosch action figure molded from some very superior grade of Japanese vinyl.

Well, I'm about a quarter of the way into this book and I still feel a sense of obligation to reach at the very least the half way point. I can only hope that it picks up eventually.

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