Sunday, June 29, 2008

more posts less youtube

Well today is a new day. The beginning of a new year lies ahead. Taking time today to consider what all that means and what my options are.
One thing as I sit hear surfing the web...
In addition to using my new favorite "social" website twitter, I hope to make more of an effort here on this blog to post more. And not just youtube videos (though I will still post them for sure on occasion!). I feel like I've gotten away from writing a bit and I am starting to miss it. The same goes for my painting. I have gotten away from my watercolor painting and I miss that too. As a matter of fact, just the other day, while visiting the local "craft store" I picked up 3 small canvas boards, and might give another try for some acrylic (or GASP maybe even try some oils!?).
Well, That's all for now. This is more of a note to myself and perhaps tonight I'll write up a "real blog post" - the pressure's on now! :)
Have a great rest of a weekend!

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valejandras said...

you are so funny! the same thoughts ran through my head today as i wrote my latest cruddy blog... i saw cruddy, b/c i lack the grace and tenacity that some have in their writing to get their point across.

and i miss painting too... acrylic is my medium, but i love me some watercolor markers... ha ha.

i'm trying to get on this blog thing more often too.... go to my page and read my mommy memoirs... it's a new link on my blog.

ok, that's the longest comment i think i've left you, to date. :)

later gator!