Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We're all aliens?

So, a few days ago there was an amazing story on yahoo news about how some scientists got together and performed some tests on a meteorite. They discovered that this meteorite contained the building blocks of life! Some molecules of uracil and xanthine which are present in our DNA and RNA! So, this story has been in the back of my mind the past few days...
1) WHY have I not heard this story mentioned in any other news outlets?
2) This really lends to some concrete evidence that life on this planet may have come from somewhere out there.
3) have WE unwittingly started the life process on either the moon or Mars? ie: We've sent men, and machines to the moon, and just machines to Mars - isn't it possible (probable?) that some tiny cells of bacteria may have survived that trip through space and is now multiplying on the moon or mars right now as we speak?
4) IF this theory is true then (that life originated from another planet), how does this hurt or help the story of creation in the Bible? Can it be justified to fit?
5) IF there is in fact life on other planets, and IF they some day decide to visit this little blue and green swamp of a planet, chances are they are or will be more intelligent than us.
This point number 5 has really been sticking in my head. What would that mean? No really, take a few minutes and think how you would react if you learned that an alien has in fact landed on this planet and is friendly, and is WAY smarter that all of us put together...
Lets say that whoever (or whatever) this life form is that arrives here is lets say 5x smarter than Einstein... How would that make us feel as a species? How many would embrace that we're still relatively stupid now compared to another species? How many would be afraid of the new species then if it were smarter and call it say an "elitist"? What if, before leaving for his or her own planet, it decides to give us the answer to zero-point energy, so that ALL energy is free on this planet - what would that mean? Would we live in a utopia at that point, or will there always be something to fight over?

Just some thoughts bouncing around inside of this ol' noggin.
What do you think?

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