Monday, June 23, 2008

Ice on Mars!

I don't know why, but for some reason I'm excited to learn about ice on mars. Yep, WATER on another planet. I say, that I don't know why I'm excited, because, when you think about it, this sort of news doesn't directly effect my life right now. hooray, a little melted ice cube was found a gazillion miles away! I think I'm excited purely on the idea though, that this discovery will help to support the idea that there may in fact, be life on other planets! Again, that too doesn't really help my life directly, but just the idea that we are NOT alone, and there may be something else out there, is a hopeful thought for me.
But... I couldn't help but to see the humor in this recent water discovery...
So what is the evidence of this water? A before and after photo. That's it really. They still haven't done the "ice in the oven" experiment yet (which I'm not sure why?!). But, rather the above image is the only evidence of ice they have. In one photo you see some little chunks of what looks like light colored rocks. There was then a glitch in the imaging software that led to a few (days i think) lapse of time until the next photo was taken. On the second photo, the little chunks of rock/ice are missing! We didn't see them melt, we just saw a before and after photo. I can't help but think of this different possibility... rather than the little chunks of rock melting, who's to say, that they didn't sprout legs and get up and walk off?! Who says life has to abide by our preconceived notions? Remember that "Rock monster" from "Galaxy Quest?!?" :)
What if...

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