Monday, June 02, 2008

Maker Faire - knit drum

So, in hindsight, I guess I didn't blog much about my experience at the maker faire this year.
So today, in my google alerts, I found my way to this blog, and was glad to see one of the persons that I had forgotten about - and he was one of my favorite things there, for several reasons.
One, it was just a mental freeze when you first see what he's doing. Nothing fancy, just druming while knitting. But then your brain trys to comprehend this, and it just does not compute. Why? Then it hits you... it's art. It doesn't have to fit into a neat little box with the label "because..."
The other reason this particular maker amused me... He did NOT look like he was having fun. Not once did I see him smile, or even interact with the crowd. I passed him several times during the day, and at all times there was always a small crowd around him, with the same smiles on their faces, yet he was off in his own little word, just drummin' and knittin'.
lastly, as far as I could tell, he had not one iota of rhythm. Unless he was on some improvisational jazz level that was beyond me, I could detect no rhythm or beat. Again, this was my brain trying to figure it all out, and looking for some sort of "reason" for it.
So thank you Corey Fogel, for throwing that monkey wrench into my neuro pathways. I just had to smile again, when I saw the above video which reminded me of the above thoughts.


JWD said...

Ha! I had forgotten about this guy, too. I got the feeling that he had a very dry sense of humor and that was why he wasn't showing his amusement. But you're right, his vibe was pretty glum!

Did you notice he was also selling cd's? I kind of wish I'd gotten one.

cyen said...

No, I didn't see him selling the CD's :) I would imagine though if you played that short video clip over and over, that's pretty much what his cd would sound like ;)
Sry, Corey, just havin a little fun at your expense.