Tuesday, June 03, 2008


AP Press is reporting it as a done deal as of 10:10 tonight!
The good news... in 5 months we will have a new president.
The bad news... we have 5 months of mud slinging to wade through.

(In a personal opinion, I'm SO GLAD that Obama has distanced himself from his church. It is sad it had to come to that, but politically speaking, he should have done that a long time ago. That, I fear will be his biggest hurdle in these next 5 months. The Right Wing Media, will beat that point into all of it's listeners - which is sad when you think of it, that we might loose a really great political leader based on what someone else may have spoken. Hopefully Obama will figure out a strategy to overcome this. McCain, I have some real fears over, but EVEN if he is elected, I do believe it will be an improvement over who we have now.)
I'll throw this out there too... I don't really care if Hilary is asked to be the VP. But if I had my way, I 'd hope there is a better person for the job.
I am curious to see too, who McCain will pick in that his health is not that great, and I think it will be very important as to who he picks.

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