Sunday, June 08, 2008

Lazy HOT Sunday

Well, it is another HOT day here on the east coast. Temps close to 100. There is a strong breeze, but it's doing nothing to allievate this heat. And according to the forcast, we still have another 3-4 days of 90+ heat to go.
My air conditioner has been running non-stop no matter how many times I tap the thermostat up to get it to shut off. It's running non-stop just trying to maintain an 84 degree temp in here. It's bearable of course, but I just can't help to think of the poorly insulated ceiling/attic in my apartment that my money and energy is being sucked out into the air. So frustrating. I actually thought today - I wonder if I nailed a layer of foam to my ceiling if it would help.
But, hopefully in a few more hours when the sun goes down, the temps will drop to something a bit more reasonable. Last night it wasn't too too bad. I ventured out to see a movie.

Kung Fu Panda>
Man, I really liked this movie! I'm beginning to think - there's no such thing as a "children's movie". Just because something is animated, or has goofy eye'd characters, doesn't mean an adult can enjoy a good storytelling - unless of course, I only speak for myself. Maybe I am still just a kid at heart, who can get caught up in a story about kung fu warriors, saving a town from a "bad guy", and the underlying message that the power of being good comes from within who we are. Go See this movie! I'm considering seeing it again actually. There was so much detail in the animation that I'd like to go back and see it again. I have not taken the time to look it up, but I could see some influence in the animation of the same artist that did "Samurai Jack" Which I borderline despised. But this animation was 10x better and the use of digital effects were just the right amount (I did just now look it up, and can see no references to anything on Samurai Jack, so maybe I'm imagining things.) AND I gotta give a mighty "tip-o-the-hat" to Jack Black, who did an awesome job on the voice of "Po the Panda" - SKADOOSH!

So, I'm "trapped" in my apartment, not wishing to go out in this heat, other than to take a bag of garbage out, and I'm stuck with trying to entertain myself - my choices, TV, Internet, and books. I know, if I start to read, I'll fall asleep. And after a couple hours of mindless channel flipping, and getting angry at the lack of anything other than "celebrities fighting, 1970's reruns of "hogan's heroes", and pundit news - I finally turned it off. Internet to the rescue!
I watch the first episode of "Astro Boy" on the and was impressed! The music was a nice techno beat, the animation (although simple 12 frame) was entertaining, and the story was pretty good - hmm, just a matter of time til this hits the big screen is my prediction!

Then, onto something with a bit more substance...
I just finished watching a 40 minute presentation by Bill Moyers to the NCMR conference (not sure what NCMR means). It was a bit tedious for me to watch, and I had to do it with 2-3 breaks in between, but I highly recommend you watch it. In a nutshell, I believe Moyer's is making a powerful and historical speech here in regards to corporate media and the free press. In this speech (and coincidently on reddit), I heard the first warnings of the internet as we know it today - being ruined by 2012 - in that it will be controled by the ISP's who package the internet into advertisement based entertainment - much the same way that Radio has been removed from the people, and Television. That's scary when you think about it. I hope they are wrong.
What led me to Moyer's video, was a link on reddit to Bill Moyers getting "ambushed" by a *ahem* Reporter, from the Bill O'Reilly show. This reporter tried to snag Moyers with some loaded questions and as the reddit headline hinted at, Moyer's countered with his own sharp fired questions, and ended up pwning the reporter from O'reilly.
You can watch the conference talk here on youtube.
And see the "attack journalism" from O'reilly here also on youtube (note: the audio quality is not the best). But try to stick around for the full 9 minutes, because after the reporter and Moyer's is done, some of the other reporters nearby, end up cornering the reporter, using some of the same tactics. (Note: the reporter's name is Mr. Porter).
real quick: I couldn't help but notice the way in which Bill Moyer's delivers his speech - It sounded like a sermon the way he delivered the speech.

Ok, I'm off to find some more "free thinking" content on the internet while it still lasts.

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