Thursday, May 29, 2008

twitter and movie

Sorry for the lack of daily posts lately. It has been a combination of two things... 1) Not much to say lately. Just sort of plodding along these past couple days. I've not been following politics as much, as I was getting too frustrated, so I took some time off from that.
B) I've been enjoying twitter lately. It's kinda like a mini-blog (I do believe some officially are calling it "micro-blogging"). Some in fact are trying to pursue an open source micro-bloggin - I'm interested to see what happens with this.
So for the past few days, when I get a quick thought of something to say to the world, I'll twitter it, rather than blog it. You can "follow me" here if you like to sign up, or just look in the side bar to the right and you'll see my last two "tweets".

ok, onto a strange movie review...

So back in 1992 (I only know this date based on IMDB's release date for the movie), I was visiting a local video store that was fairly new. It was Tower Records (are they even in business anymore?) At one time, Tower was cool. Lots of indy stuff (both music, video and zines). So I was wandering through the video rentals and picked up one called "Roadside Prophets" (imdb).
Now, for SOME reason, this movie made an impression on me. Over the years, I would recall this movie, mainly due to one actor. It had a cameo appearance of John Cusack in it, and I'm a fan of John's. John's character was an eye patched character who wore leather gloves, and would order a bunch of food at a diner, then shove it all in his mouth and run out without paying for it. I know - weird.
Well, the other day, the movie popped into my head again, and I thought "I wonder if netflix has this movie yet?" (I'd searched before and no luck - that's how obscure this movie is).
Much to my surprise - they had it!
So the other night I watched it.
OMG! What sort of mindset was I in, in 1992?!
It was a horrible movie by today's standards!
I was amazed at how cheesy the wardrobe was from the 80's (along with some lame soundtrack). The main actor was horrible! (sry John). John Doe (yes, that's his stage name! Birth name is John Duchac). And this is where it starts to get weird too... some of the other co-stars in this movie - again, more of just cameo appearances...
David Carradine (yep, the guy from Kung-Fu)
John Cusack (whic hI mentioned above).
Don Cheadle (with the kookiest 80's "erasertop" haircut) who also was nominated for an Oscar!
Timothy Leary - yes - THE Timothy leary from the the 60's drug culture.
Arlo Guthrie - yes, that arlo also from the 60's culture - Alice's restaurant. Son of Woody Guthrie.
FLEA - HAH! I didn't even recognize him from the movie, I just saw his name in the credits. (He's the famous bass player from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers!)
The co-star of the movie (who I liked his acting) was named "Adam Horovitz" - I didn't recognize him or his name, but then via imdb, I learned who he is... he's one of the Beastie Boys!
Possibly the craziest cast in a movie I've ever seen.
Maybe that's why this movie stuck with me :)
I will end with saying this...
under it all, I do think the storyline of this movie was interesting. I wonder what this movie would be like if it were remade today.

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