Wednesday, May 07, 2008

now that's beautiful...

Ok, going to jump back into the blog-o-sphere lightly after my week long vacation. I'm still trying to settle in here and not quite ready to send out some large blog posts :)
So, this just to say...
I just saw one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time on the Steven Colbert Show. His guest tonight was George Johnson (official website, wikipedia), who has written a new book called "The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments". During the interview, he had two small experiments on electricity. One of which generated a small spark. Let's just say that it is a known scientific fact, that all men will touch a small spark to see how it feels... Stephen included.
It is too soon for me to find a youtube link, or official link on the but I'll try to update this page if I do find a link.
UPDATE: Here is the link to the May 7th show on the comedy central website. I can't link directly to the interview (some weird flash navigation) but you can click on the interview with George towards the bottom. The part that I'm referring to is near the end of the interview.
Link is here.

(note: While at the Maker Faire this past weekend, I stopped by the wikipedia booth! One of the guys there took the time to show me how to edit a wiki page. So tonight, I just posted my first ever wikipedia edit, and added the fact that Mr. Johnson appeared on the Colbert Show tonight. I'm curious if the edit will "stick" because I'm not sure what all the rules are for wikipedia yet.)
Update to the wikipedia part... I just checked my "work" on the wikipedia page, and saw that someone edited my content and added a bunch of obscenities! For the record, that wasn't me! So, I re-edited the page again, and removed the offending words. I wonder if someone will add them back? Funny, I tried to find an official rule for wikipedia on the use of obscenties and had a heck of a time. Not to mention that the person who changed my edit, tried to tell the story which is not funny at all. oh well, welcome to the internet I guess.

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