Sunday, May 25, 2008

Indiana jones

How can this happen? Two of the greatest film legends of our time - Steven Spielberg, and George Lucas, team up to revive the Indian Jones Storyline. They should have been embarrassed to attach their names to this, let alone repeat them so often at the beginning of the film credits.
I will admit, I wasn't to keen on seeing this movie in the first place. But, I will watch just about any movie, so it wasn't like I had to have my arm twisted. Of course, I like Harrison Ford, and Shia, but man...
Perhaps my biggest complaint - The effects! I mean this movie is coming from ILM, Speilberg and Lucas!! They should be TOP NOTCH! But no, someone got carried away with the 3d particle generator, and just liked making a bunch of clouds, and dust.
And what ever happened to this little thing known as PHYSICS?
So, one scene, Indiana, is having a fist fight with a guy while on the back of a motorcycle. The bad guy is hanging out the window of his car taking swings at Indy. Indy, gets a good shot on the guy and knocks his hat off - in a normal world, where there is lots of WIND because the car is going fast down the road, but if you watch the hat, it falls straight down, like they were on a sound stage. ugh.
And then the last thing that makes me angry...
The story line of this movie could have been awesome! Ancient cultures, Mayans, archaeological digs, gold, (and one other element that I won't give away here)... I mean, that is some interesting pieces of a great story! But know... no time for spoon feeding us a story, we've got car chases to watch, and fist fight brawling scenes, and giant waterfalls, and jungles, and gun fights, nuclear explosions... c'mon!

Very disappointed, as if you couldn't tell.
The silver lining...
As part of a promotion my local theater was giving out little sample packages of "Chewy Nerds" candy - THEY were awesome! :) sour candy, wrapped around a jelly bean inside. Gotta get me some of them.

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