Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Foreign Film - Children of Heaven

Well, cross another country off of my foreign film list.
I'm not making a concentrated effort to find as many films from foreign countries to add to my many movies I've seen.

Children of Heaven (imdb)>
This movie is from Iran. Now that for some reason is a country that would not have been obvious to me for whatever reason. But that is the whole reason for this exercise.
It was a good movie. I rated it 4 out of 5 stars on my netflix. It was a rather simple storyline, which is fine, and the kids were really great. In a nutshell a little girl's brother accidently looses her shoes on the way home the repair shop. They are a poor family (relatively speaking i guess), and rather than risk making their father angry, they work out an elaborate plan of sharing the brother's sneakers. The movie brings up issues of family, peer pressure, social standing, etc...
There was one scene where I realized I was really into the movie where the father is riding his bicycle with Ali on the center bar, as they are going down a hill the brakes give out. I found myself leaning back in my chair trying to slow down! :)
If you can put up with subtitles I really recommend this movie.
There were several items of the film that were new cultural experiences to me. The one that stood out, was some sort of flat bread oven, where there were two people cooking. One person would stretch a thin layer of what reminded me of a pita bread, on some sort of a curved wooden (possibly cloth?) board, about 2 feet long. Then, once smoothed, he (or she?) would grasp the board, and "slap/place" the bread along the inside of a metal wall that appeard to be burried in the ground. This was the oven, that looked like it had a fire in the center. So the bread would stick the inside wall and cook there. Really neat.
Oh, the other weird coincidence, I didn't feel like cooking much, so I had decided to just boil two potatoes for dinner. (plus some garlic and hot peppers for flavor). Ali, was on his way to the market and bought a bag of Potatoes for dinner! See, we're all not that different.
PS> Imdb has this film listed as "Bacha-Ye aseman".

If anyone has any other foreign movie recommendations, please leave a comment. Bonus points for the more obscure countries not known for their movies in America (ie: France = low points, Iran = high points).

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