Saturday, August 09, 2008

Pelosi and Impeachment

First - had a small problem signing into my blog today. Odd. But it looks like everything is ok now. There was a mention on the blogger homepage about accounts on Friday being mistakenly flagged as spam accounts. I wonder if my blog was one of those? I'd hate to loose all of my blog posts due to a glitch. I should look to see if there is any sort of backup options for this blog. If anyone knows of any, please leave a comment.

Ok, this will be short, but I wanted to put it out there...
A few nights ago (last Sunday I think) I watched an interview with Nancy Pelosi on Cspan. I should say upfront here - I'm not a fan of Nancy's.
During the interview one thing she said, raised a red flag with me... She said that she was a member of the "Gang of four" and had been brought in and secretly briefed in the reasons to go to war with Iraq. Hmm... that's odd. Then she went on to say how she was against it and that not all the evidence presented to her was convincing.
SO, I couldn't help but to wonder now... The main reason behind Dennis Kuncinich's plan for Impeaching President Bush is that he knowingly withheld certain information to the Congress on his request to go to war. So, now I learn that Nancy apparently knew about this info.
Is this why she has said in the past that "Impeachment is off the table"? Is she also protecting herself?
Apparently I'm not the only one who is wondering this... do a search on google for "pelosi gang of 4"

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Anonymous said...

Nancy Pelousy will become Nancy Peloser ! Wilfred