Monday, August 04, 2008

UFO near Needles CA

A UFO story popped into my google alerts this morning that caught my attention. With a "new report" that is on youtube. I don't know why, but a lot of this news report looks suspicious to me.
First lets state the obvious... could they have found two "witnesses" that look like real characters in a hollywood movie about UFO's?
Why is this news story being reported on when it happened back on May 14th? I can't see when the original broadcast aired, so perhaps it aired at an earlier time and just was posted to youtube on Aug 1st? It's not clear. (ok, a little more digging and I found this blog post (all about ufo's) that reprinted the story and they have the date of 7-31-08) I have to laugh too at the graphic used on the blog post that has nothing to do with the story being reported on.
Ah, this appears to be the original story that the news anchor George Knapp based his story on. (interesting you can see that George Knapp is known for his ufo stories on his wikipedia entry).
I wonder why Mr. Knapp only interviewed the two guys (who both work at the radio station) and didn't try to interview "bob" on his house boat?
The interview with Bob can be read on the website with the original story where "bob" wishes to remain anonymous. Bob's story certainly does sound interesting, but I have to wonder why was he out fishing at 3am!?

Other than a few questionable eye witness accounts, this story is interesting. It's sad though that none of it can be confirmed.

Oh, one more thing... the graphics for the news report on youtube were nicely done.


Anonymous said...

i just read a recent statement saying that 'Bob on the river' is missing. He stated on earthfiles that one of the helicopters circled him once prior to leaving toward Vegas. Could they have taken Bob or cant he be found because he wants to remain annoymous...?

cyen said...

hey mat,
I can't help but to wonder how a person who is anonymous (bob) is being reported as missing. If people know who he is to be missing, then he can't be all that anonymous. I also wonder about this report, because he lives on a house boat. Did someone find his boat abandoned?
I'm curious of your source for the missing report. can you post a link?

mat said...

I just keep seeing people write that 'bob' is missing. I was being sarcastic.

cyen, you've seen this report on earthfiles right? She covers the story pretty good.