Sunday, August 24, 2008

Vote yardsign

I forget where on the web I stumbled upon this image, but it made me laugh. (No this does NOT represent my Bro-in-law's views ;)

In other political news...
Did ya hear? Sen Biden is Obama's Vice Presidential candidate. It was only on the cable news channels ALL DAY long yesterday.
I have not made up my mind about his choice yet. I don't know much about Sen. Biden. I have one faint memory of Sen Biden appearing on "the Daily Show" with Jon Stewart, and being impressed at how funny he was. (here's one clip, where Jon kinda nailed him for his controversial comments about Barack being "articulate, and clean", here's pt. 2 of that clip. Here's one from 2004 where he talks about the war).
I get the feeling, Biden is a straight shooter. He says what's on his mind... and that can be a good thing, or a bad thing, we'll have to see.
The part I do like about all this... I'm glad Barack picked someone who has more "experience" in the senate. This may help him with those who were concerned over this.
One final note: In watching the above clips of Biden, I became aware that he does one of the things that I have a pet peeve over... He uses two phrases, to answer almost every question... He'll start off with either "Look..." or "the fact of the matter is..." I don't know who started this trend (pat robertson?) but it drives me crazy!

Ok, sorry... THIS will be my last comment... So I get an email today, from Barack's campaign, offering me a T-shirt if I make a $3o donation. It's the first T-shirt that shows Biden's name (I was surprised at the designer's decision, to make his name smaller, and a lighter shade of color than Baracks). So it simply said "Obama Biden" - I couldn't help but notice the similarity of letters to "Osama" and "Bi -nla - den". I predict within 24 hours or less, we'll see a T-shirt or poster from the Right wing exploiting this odd coincidence.

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