Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hitting the fan...

Have you ever heard that 'bad things' happen in threes? I have. I've come to expect it... but today, I think I've lost count, and I think the rule of 3's is bogus... bad things happen all the time - It's called Life I guess. Well, after some last minute changes, and adjustments I got my Letter (or I should say packet of info) ready for the IRS. I sent it off yesterday (hey, I wonder if a blog post would count as proof of it being sent? :) I must have double checked that packet of info about 30 times before sealing the envelope, yet I STILL have a fear that something was left out, or a typo, or a mistake. I know I'm being paranoid, but I can't help it. I also have no idea when to expect a response... 10 days? a month? how long will I have to wait to hopefully get the good news that the mistake has been corrected, and that I'm clear. ugh.
On Sunday, I found out a friend of my dad's (and a friend of mine) went to the hospital. She was afraid that she had a heart attack. She didn't feel right and had pains in her chest and back, so rather than take a chance she went to the hospital to get checked out. So far all tests are coming back negative (which is good). I just called as I was writing this... She's home from the hospital, and all seems well. She has to go back again tomorrow for another stress test, but everything appears to be fine. Hooray - good news today.
I found out my family members just got notice that they must vacate their apartment! It was the sort of thing that has always been expected because it was something that kept getting pushed back. They've been there for over 2 years now? and I think it was only supposed to be for a year. So, it just came as a bit of shock. They wish to stay in the same neighborhood, but she sent me a craigslisting of local apartment prices... holy shnikes! Rent seems to start around $1200 and up! Crikes! I think they are doing well enough that they think they can swing it, but even so. So big upheaval on that front, and until they can find a place to settle it will be on all our minds. (They always find cool places to habitat, so I'm not too worried for them ;)
Then the icing on the cake this morning... With all this IRS stuff, I woke up early this morning and did a little straighting up (emphasis on "little"). I started to organize my tax papers for this year to put away, when I was looking at the forms I got from my client... Turns out, I don't have the copy that I'm supposed to! The one marked "for reciepient". I DO have the one that was supposed to be filed with the state! The secretary is on vacation so I can't ask her, and chances are she won't remember anyway. So I have to HOPE now, that she sent the wrong copy into the state (probably not a big deal), But I HOPE she didn't send in another duplicate to the IRS! And in two years, I'll be right back in the same boat I'm in now. UGH! I kick myself, because I should have checked this when she first gave me the papers back in Jan. I just saw the two copies, and assumed they were correct. Never again.
Well, as I finish up this rant (sorry my dear readers - had to get it out)... I realize that's three! Ok, so maybe the rule of 3's does apply. (See, I am confused, I re-read my post and that's 4!)

Well, In : 8 days : 00 hours : 11 min : 35 sec : I'll be getting on a plane to take a mini vacation to CA!!! Can't wait to just relax (and hopefully soak up that nice CA weather - they've had about 60 days of rain lately!). Regardless - rain or shine - I'm going to relax and enjoy my visit. :)

Oh by the way... a "normal blog post" from me...
You must look at this sculpture!
I found the link today, and there are some photos on the washington post website that are incredible. I don't know the permanance of the link, so I will also post a link to the google images... incredible. My fav is the boy crouched down. (note: artistic nudity, may not be work safe). Oh... I suppose I should give him credit... his name is Ron Mueck.

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