Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Off the wall post...

OK, while surfing the web today, I found this little blurb about a newly designed urinal that is built into the side of a sink. The photo (left) was placed next to a standard sized toilet photo, and when I first saw it the scale made the photo on the left look very small. Then it hit me... Why are men's urinals so large? Are we really that bad at aiming? It seems to me a much smaller urinal would save so much water and cleaning time. Who was the designer of the original urinal that said it had to be 2.5' tall by about 2' wide? I know... a strange topic to blog about.
For those wondering where I come up with these, they mostly originate withe boingboing.com
PS> I'm not that crazy over the urinal in a sink design pictured left. Something about washing your hands next to a urinal that's skeevy.

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JWD said...

I agree! And no lid on the urinal. I read somewhere that bacteria sprays out into the air if the toilet is flushed without the lid down. (Or do urinals not flush? Guess I'm not an expert on that!) :)