Sunday, April 09, 2006

Lucky Number Slevin

I saw a pretty good movie last night. Called, Lucky Number Slevin (imdb)- staring a lot of big names (which usually is not a good sign). Josh Hartnett was the lead character, Bruce Willis was a some-what minor character (important to the story, but not a lot of screentime). Other big names were Sir Ben Kingsley, Morgan Freeman, Lucy Liu (is she a big name? I supose) and Stanley Tucci. I started off liking this movie, then it started to loose me, but to it's credit it pulled me back in towards the end. One thing that was unique about it was a nod to the 70's style, at first it started to annoy me, then I tried to figure out what the movie maker was trying to say, then I just realized it was just a "style" and I then enjoyed it. The most noticeable of this was the "groovy" wallpaper in all of the buildings and hallways. I don't think the big twist was that much of a shock, In fact, it was pretty obvious, but I found myself forgetting the twist, so that when it reappeared I was a bit surprised. Kinda sneaky but I liked it. I will point out a very minute detail that really stuck out to me (for some odd reason). I don't know if this was just a coincidence, but I think it was deliberate... During the opening sequence, Bruce Willis' character is sitting in a wheel chair, and there was one scene where he was sort of slouched and desheveled... I noticed that one side of his collar was tucked into his sweater (or jacket) and the other side was out (which added to the mussy look). Later on, Josh's character was sitting on a bed, and I happened to notice the exact same collar situation, which didn't quite fit because he was fashionably dressed. So... if this was a coincidence, then I am looking too deep... If it was intentional by either the director or the wardrobe, then Kudos for this small "hint" that these two characters are connected.
Another movie in the action adventure genre that I have liked this year. A bit surprising, but I hope Hollywood may have finally stumbled onto the correct formula for an action movie... Action + Story + Good acting = Good Movie! Not that difficult is it? :)

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