Thursday, April 06, 2006


Well, I went to the photography group last night. It was good. Not a very large group (11 people including myself), but it was a comfortable size. We met at a local library that was recently refurbished and I was impressed. It was the first library that I went into that looked like it wasn't built in the 70's. We didn't have an official room to meet in, but instead went to the far back corner out of the way. No one really bothered us, and I assume we didn't bother them. On a side note here, I think that's a million dollar idea for a company to start up room rentals for meetings. Not the big business ones, I know they have those, but for small groups of 10-20 people. I bet there would be a market for that. But I digress...
Thanks to J and Lady A for suggesting photo number 2... Turns out I won 3rd place. (maybe that was an unwritten rule that they vote for the new guy's photo to get him to come back a second time ;) I learned a lot (maybe a bit too much as some of it started to get confusing). We talked about the aperture, and DOF (Depth of Field).
I found out about this group on a website called I had tried this group one time before to find a chess group but it was a bust. I guess it depends on the people joining if it is successful or not. It's a cool website, and a great idea.

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