Monday, April 22, 2002

Monday blahs...
Well, we decided to see "murder by numbers" (Trailer) on Saturday. We saw it at the ritz, which usually has the best experience and non-talking crowds, but not this time. I had to turn around to the couple behind us, to ask them to stop talking. They felt to need to analyze the movie to each other and talk the entire time. Granted they started off whispering, but then it turn to low talking where we could here them. I think in the future, when someone sits down behind us before the movie starts, I will ask if they plan on talking through-out the movie. perhaps if they are aware of it ahead of time, they will refrain? (doubtful).
anyway, as for the movie... I wasn't too impressed. it was very predictable, and it was just a matter of seeing how they were going to tie things up in the end to make it all fit together. I'm not a big fan of Sandra Bullock, and this was yet another movie of hers that helped support that feeling.
Not much else, other than I finished the 7th (or 8th, i've lost track) book in the "Sword of Truth" series by Terry goodkind. I almost regretted finishing it, because now I'll have to wait until he's done writting the next one :(
The good thing is that I can pick up some reading now that can expand from that. the SOT novels were HUGE 700-800 page books and after this 7th of 8th book was a big commitment. So I picked up a new book on saturday... John Grisham's "Skipping Christmas" it's actually a short story of 175 pages (wide margins too), I started it last night and I'm on page 55 already. It probably could be read in a day easily. And here's the kicker... it cost $20 for this small hardback book! I painfully paid for it, but only because I was really interested in reading it.
I'll "blog" how it was as soon as i finish it which should be soon.

Cyen out

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