Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Well, yesterday while surfing the web, I got hit by my first virus on the PC. It was unusual, for one reason, that I didn't think you could get a virus just by going to a website. But "McAfee" virus software alerted me as soon as the page loaded. Now, here's the tricky part... although it alerted me, i could do nothing about it. The Virus software was supposed to attempt to "clean" the virus which it failed, and then when all else fails it's supposed to delete the file , which failed also! So, I manually went in and deleted the folder. but apparently it copied itself to another folder! It seems to be harmless, in that it sets your homepage of your browser to the website in question. So I reset my homepage, and everything appears to be fine. I ran the virus scan 2-3 more times and it says all is clear, but I can't figure out why it's not seing it in the second folder (which i didn't write down the name so I can't delete it now). So, I'm running everythng with the hopes that it's clean. But I'll always have to keep that in the back of my mind now, that it may be compromised. The website was a "designers" website that was listed in yahoo. it was one of the first one's listed like "1nonly" or something like that... DONT open this webpage!
The virus was called "JS/seeker.t" and is listed in the McAfee descriptions at: Virus Description

Becareful surfing the web... everyone should have a virus software program and if you're on a Cable or DSL line a firewall program.

Cyen out

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