Monday, April 15, 2002

Well, this weekend's movie was "Changing lanes" with Samuel Jackson, and Ben Afflek. Overall it was a good movie. Good acting (even Ben was ok). My only complaint was the predictability of it. I noticed some nice touches that the "director" put into the shots... For example, There was a background images of cops, Jesus, a 1950's style homemaker/kitchen" all these things were I think put in to suggest what was the standard norm for "morals". Pretty clever, and I will probably rent the movie when it comes out to see if I missed any.

Went to AC Saturday night and made my donation to Donald Trump. It was kinda my way of trying to spend some money after doing taxes, that "might" let me win my taxes back, with one lucky pull of the slot machine. Well, no such luck. But it was still fun. they had two new slot machines... The Three Stooges, and Creature from the Black lagoon. Both were entertaining. I still like the "little green martian" machines the best.

As I mentioned before, I just paid my taxes today. Yuck! I feel Like I just drank a mouthful of orange juice that had sat in the fridge too long.

cyen out

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