Monday, April 15, 2002

Oh, I forgot to add in what happened yesterday...
I witnessed a minor crime, and although I did make an attempt to stop the thieves, It wasn't enough and they got away. I keep re-playing the event in my head to see if I should have done something different.
I was at the local book store, and was almost ready to head to the counter to pay for my magazine, when I decided to loop around to the art section, and just take a quick browse. While looking, I noticed one of the workers stocking shelves near me. I think she was the manager. I then went into the next aisle, and saw a man standing there, close to the shelf, with his hand holding something on the shelf. very suspicious looking. I continued to browse like I didn't see him. Then when the woman came aroudn the corner, he quickly changed his body position to block her view from whatever he was holding... So she left, and I continued to "browse" while keeping an eye on this guy trying to figure out what he was up to. I changed aisles, and he was with a buddy, and had a big handful of CD's. The two of them were unwrapping the celephane, and taking the little metal things out (I'm assuming this part because I didn't see them doing this, but heard the crinkling of celophane. I then realized they were stealing CD's. (took me a while). So I left, and went to find the manager. I told her about them, and felt I had done enough to stop the crime. I then was standing in line, and saw that the two guys were leaving With large square bulges in their jacket pockets (how these guys didn't get caught is amazing)... I turned to find what the manager was doing, and her and another co-worker were looking in the wrong direction. So I quickly went to them and said they were just leaving. The one guy said "well, what can you do" - not exactly the attitude i'd expected to hear. So, the manager went outside, but didn't see anybody. I didn't think to watch them as they were leaving to see if they got in a car, or went around the building. So, they escaped, and judgiing from the amount of CD's I'd say they got away with about $200+ worth. Oh well, I did try, and will keep my eyes open for them whenever I go back to the bookstore.

Cyen out

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