Friday, April 19, 2002

Well, not much to "blog" in the last few days. I just found out this morning they are canceling one of my favorite TV shows... Alley McBeal. This is just after FOX canceled my other favorite "The X-Files". I'm not sure what FOX is doing over there, especially with their new line-ups of "Greg the Bunny" - a sort of howard stern with puppets show. and show's like "Temptation island"... I really think they could have brought Alley back from the poor ratings. The X-files... I can understand that show's leaving. In fact the last few episodes were horrible.
I do like FOX's new show "The Bernie Mac Show", that's well written.
Other than that, TGIF!!!
Looking forward to seeing "Frailty" this weekend, unless something else opened, that i'm unaware of.

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