Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Well, the weekend was a good one. My friend and I got to go Kayaking for the first time this year. We hit the "mullica river". We did things a little differently which actually worked out well. We Drove my truck off-road back in the pine barrens dirt roads, exploring the roads, and trying to figure out where they tie-into the river, so we could shorten the time it takes to do the entire river. Well, it sort of worked in that we found a spot about a 1/4 way in, which would cut about 2 hours of paddleing, but unfortunately I don't think he could get his car back on those sandy roads. There were spots where my truck was starting to bog down a little. But all in all it was a good time. Perfect weather, got to see a HUGE turtle, about 1 foot shell, got to see some birds, canadian geese, a couple swallows, and the highlight for me was seeing an "osprey". Looks very much like an eagle, but with a black band across the eyes, and a "bent wing" that almost makes them look like a sea gull. I got to see him hoover in the air, and dive down to catch a fish, though, he never hit the water. I also brought along the GPS gizmo, so I've started to collect some detailed coordinates, and am attempting to put together a decent map for other kayakers/canoers.

We say a lame movie called "American Chai". horrible acting, and plot was SO predictable. The best part of the movie though was when they kinda spoofed on the other Indian movies, and it had a dream sequence with the dancing couples, and all. pretty funny, if you've seen any other Indian movies (which I have), because I noticed only myself and the 15 other Indians in the audience were laughing :)

Cyen out

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