Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I found two neat websites last night... I've been interested in a new breed of websites that are generally called "social" websites. These are websites that pop up that encourage users to share there photos, pictures, bookmarks, personal profiles, etc... I find it interesting that with the www we're still developing websites that promote to world coming together and sharing. A good thing!
Anyway, here's a website for the social site:
and more importantly, this led me to discover this website:
It's a simple "do-it-yourself" animation program right in your browser. Most of the animations are simple/crude stick figures (as was mine) but there was one in the "top rated" section that was very well done (elephant hunt). Check out my short animation, and then try it yourself. (Warning: As with anything open to the public on the internet there are those who abuse this and post crude and obscene things. I would not recommend this for children (which is sad, because they would enjoy seeing how cartoons are made).
Here's my short:
batter up

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Anonymous said...

Now THAT is a funny flip-book! good job!