Monday, February 06, 2006

Vegan's = Terror?

I can't believe this story...

In case the link is bad...
my nutshell version...
A woman who is a Vegan (vegetarian) went to take part in a protest against eating meat in front of a ham store. An officer from the homeland sercurity apparently was sent to "spy" on this protest and was taking photos. The woman confronted him, and wrote down the license plate on a piece of paper. The officer demanded she turn over the paper or go to jail. She refused - went to jail where they took the piece of paper.

As a related post:
Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy C-Span? I happened to catch a bit of an "Impeach Bush" Rally on C-span Sunday evening. (After getting tired of watching the boring superbowl). These people were serious, and I don't know If I agree with all that they said, it was still very interesting to listen to their comments. I had difficulty finding it on c-span, so you're probably better off starting on this website:

StrangeChallenge coming tomorrow :)

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