Friday, February 17, 2006

Kamen Water

First off a celebratory, "TGIF!"

ok, that's outta the way.

I came upon this link today and felt it worthy of spreading the word... Ever hear of a "Segway?" - It was rumored that it would change the world. Mr. Dean Kamen who invented this scooter like device was able to enlist the backing of many millionaires to put up the $ to help with this project. (Steve Job was one of those). I hope that Kamen is able to pull those strings again to get backing for his new venture... Clean water. Read about it here on CNN.

AND... after that be sure to check out this invention. A much simpler, and cheaper alternative that in my opinion should be in mass production by someone like Wal-Mart or Target. It sure would be nice to see a large corporation help do the right thing.
I heard about this simpler invention several months ago, and it often re-enters my mind as being a good solution. I also think this same device could be "rampped" up to become a much larger collector of water, and possibbly chained together to form a "water farm" in the open sea. But that's just my humble opinion. Water = the gift of life.
Kudos to Mr. Kamen.

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