Saturday, February 11, 2006

It's friday!

Actually, It's 12:25 Sat morning, but who is counting?

It's been a busy week for me - a "good" busy though.
Wed, I went to a group within our church called "issues and actions" and among other things we talked about a book called "what's the matter with Kansas". I didn't find out about the book until it was too late, but I attended the discussion anyway. I was glad I did. It was neat for me to listen to other people's thoughts about politics (and a little religion). I didn't speak (I don't do well in social settings), but the conversation was interesting. I look forward to going again, and maybe actually speaking up.

Thursday night, I went to my second art class in Watercolor. It's going well, but I am frustrated at myself for not being able to paint well. It's a new media for me, and I just want to be able to do it (now). I'm a very patient person, but not when it comes to learning new things like this. So, I'm frustrated, but at the same time I'm still interested in learning more. I think this will take some practice (I hate that word), but I'm going to try, because I do enjoy it.

Tonight, I got to visit with my pop. It was a good dinner, and we had a good talk. A lot of it revolving around my art class and church meeting :)

It's now late, and I'm looking forward to sleep. (not looking forward to a big snowstorm that's headed our way tomorrow). I can tell I'm getting older now, because I'm starting to dread snow.

Before I turn in, I'll leave you with this to think about...
I listened to the hearings with Attorney General Alberto Gonzales regarding the Domestic spying issue. Very interesting. A few highlights that struck me...
• Head of the hearing (Sen. Spector) refused to swear in Mr. Gonzales.
• Sen. Biden asked Mr. G "How will we know, General, when this war it over?"
Mr. G "I presume the straightforward answer, Senator, is
that when Al Qaida is destroyed and it no longer poses a threat to
the United States."
Mr. B "The truth is, there is no definition of when we're going to
know whether we've won, because Al Qaida, as the president
points out, has mutated into many other organizations that are not
directly dealing with bin Laden and are free agents themselves."
- This was scary, because it was basically pointing out that there is no clear "goal" in winning this "war" against bad people.
I had also heard somewhere that in the new Patriot act (up for renewal soon) there was a new "law" that would ban citizens from carrying un-approved signs at a Dem. or Rep. National convention. WHAT?! I tried to look this up myself, but had difficulty finding and reading the actual act. The best link I found was on good ol' Wikipedia...

You can read some of the highlights from the hearing here:

Have a good weekend

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