Thursday, February 02, 2006

Toyota set the Hybrid bar

I jumped in my Toyota pick-up truck today to run out and get some lunch, and heard them discussing the new Toyota Camry on NPR. They were calling it Toyota's trojan horse... It's a standard Camry (very popular selling) and yet under the hood is a hybrid. I think this is terrific news! Anything that can help get us off our "oil addiction" is a good thing. I just went to the Toyota website and sure enough they have a section on the new Camry and I have to say it looks nice. I would seriously consider buying a hybrid if only they sold a toyota hybrid pickup truck. (Which I think is a good idea for the smaller Tacoma). I putt along in my 4 cylinder happy to get around 20mpg, but I'd love to get 30+ with a hybrid - especially since there is no telling what the gas prices will be doing in the future - other than going up.
Kudo's to you Toyota.


JWD said...

I just heard the other night that Toyota plans to 'hybridize' their entire fleet eventually. So your truck may be right around the corner!

cyen said...

Very Cool! Thanks for that info! I think this is a glimpse into the future. Gas prices are finally getting high enough that they are starting to hurt and people are not looking to alternatives.