Friday, February 24, 2006

Friday Art

Ok, I think I talked about this earlier but if not just a quick recap... I signed up for some Watercolor art classes at a semi-local museum/art school. It's been an interesting experience and I'm starting now to enjoy it. The first two classes I found frustrating because I was trying to learn the new media of watercolor. Just last night I had a bit of a breakthrough in starting to understand it, and I turned out a small painting that I was somewhat pleased with. It's NO Piccaso, but for it being only the 5th watercolor I've ever done, I'm happy with it.

We're doing the basic still life of some fruit on a table. Nothing complicated (relatively speaking I supose - because apples are difficult to paint!)
I think if you click on the photos, they will open in a larger format. Note, the paper was kinda cheap so it curled/rippled on the scanner. The "waves" at the bottom are from the curls.
This second was was at the end of class, and I just wanted to play. It's using a sharpie to do a rough sketch, then a quick wash of color. Turned out pretty good (imho).

Here is one or my earlier attempts that I was quite happy with that I ended up giving it as a Christmas Present :)

After class I went over with a friend of mine to a "zen tea house" in the city. It wasn't quite what I expected - I had it in my mind as more of a traditional tea house, but it was kinda tourist-y. I had a bubba tea (or bubble tea I've also heard it called). What a strange drink... leave it to the Japanese to come up with this :) (oops apparently it originated in Taiwan). It had tea in it (but you couldn't taste it as it was SO Sweet - too sweet in my opinion.) But the kicker is... it's got these little 1/2" slime balls at the bottom of the glass, and yes, you're supposed to drink/slurp them up through a fat straw. They are Tapioca! I'm glad I tried one of these "teas" but I probably won't have another one any time soon. Too sweet.

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