Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another sad day

I just realized my previous post was called "a sad day" and I was going to use that title for todays post. But this is a different kind of sad. This morning I checked Digg and found this INCREDIBLE story (with a youtube video at the bottom). If you check the site now it may be down due to the "digg effect", so give it a day and you should have no problems. Read the story first before watching the video.
Can World's Strongest Dad
But for some reason I also see this as a heartbreaking story as much as a heartwarming story. So it put me in a depressed mood. Then this morning while driving to work, I spotted a small white dog trotting down the side of the highway who was obviously lost. There's something about the look on a lost dog. I was running late for work (as usual) and I've stopped and helped a lost dog before so I know the hassle it can be. Not to mention that the thought crossed my mind that I might scare the dog into the highway traffic. There was one other person who had pulled over to the side of the road, and was standing with the door open, but he was about a block away and really not doing anything. I suppose he was just as confused as I was. So, I thought it's his responsibility now and not mine. I kept driving.
I can only hope that the dog ends up on a smaller road or someone's yard where a neighbor can catch the dog and call the police. But still, I'll be racked with this guilt for some time... This actually happened to me one time before too, and the only way I was able to alleve the guilt was to stop and help the next lost dog I saw. (It was raining, and I had the dog jump into my front seat of my truck). But it was a happy ending, the dog had a tag, and I called the police who came and took the dog from me and delivered to the home.

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