Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy All Hallows Eve

Well, an official happy all hallows eve today. One of my favorite holidays though I'm sad to admit I don't "celebrate" it. Somewhere along the way I crossed over to being "too old" for Halloween. Sure I suppose I could still dress up but for who really? I don't know any kids in my neighborhood to give out candy, etc. So I have to live vicariously through the photos and stories on the internet and via friends and family. STILL it's one of my favorite holidays, I think mainly because it involves being creative and Making costumes! :) As a kid I used to be jealous of those kids who had store bought costumes. (I was almost always some sort of "bum") but then a few years I got to wear a bought costume... how boring. Going through the "dress up" box was always fun. One year I made a headless costume that I thought was awesome.
Well, enough going down memory lane... Hope YOU enjoy your hallows eve. One thing that always creeps me out... the people who really do celebrate Halloween around midnight. I always wonder how far away from my current location at midnight is someone performing some sort of sacrificial ritual. That gives me the shudders.

In other news... I just read a rumor on reddit that says that reddit was bought out by CondeNast (the people who own Wired magazine and other magazines). Yet another cool website bought up by a huge mega corporation.

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