Sunday, October 01, 2006

Don't Vote?

Here is today's political rant. It reflects my own frustration with the "system".
Here's the headline that caught my attention:
Democrats OK 80 Billion More To Kill Innocent Iraqi's

I also finished a great dvd tonight called:
D.I.Y. Or DIE: Burn this DVD.
It wasn't quite what I thought it was going to be about, but interesting none-the-less. I've been enjoying the MAKE magazine and website, and I thought this small indy dvd would be similar. Infact it was mostly interviews with artists and musicians. Yes, I know, they are makers too, but not quite the same thing that comes to mind when one says "diy". That aside, I enjoyed this dvd and if you have ever created any sort of art, I would encourage you to get this dvd. If you don't want to buy it (It's cheap on Amazon), I can actually make 10 copies of it to give away. That's right, the creators of this dvd encourage the viewer to share this dvd with others, with minor strings attached, such as you can't show this in a theatre/bar and charge money (without getting their permission first). Pretty cool stuff, and inspiring.

I also spent this weekend making a new project. It's late now, so I won't get into a big explanation, but lets just say it involves me making something, that will make art. I'll blog more about it at a later point. (I still don't know for sure if it will work yet, but I suspect it will.)

Well, the end of the weekend. Depressing. Hope you had a good one. I did.
OH... one more thing... the movie "School for scoundrels" stunk! The funniest parts were in the trailer. Very dissapointing.

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