Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Voter Fraud

First I read this link this morning about more security holes with Diebold voting machines. (I especially liked the one comment that suggested an open source voting machine be created!)
"Diebold Machine Didn't count votes, but diebold says not to worry: They can tell you the actual vote totals" [via techdirt]
Here's the comment that I liked also:
Why, exactly, has no competitor to Diebold tried to make voting machines that address this plethora of concerns? When I used one of Diebold's machines back in 2004, it seemed to me that the devices weren't any more complicated than, say, a piece of home automation equipment. With enough forethought and testing, shouldn't a startup competitor be able to grab a huge chunk of market share just by capitalizing on Diebold's failings? - Saragon

THEN while checking my daily boingboing I found this link:
"Video testimony of vote machine whistleblower"
You've got to watch the video! I'll try to embed the video in my blog here: