Wednesday, October 25, 2006


First a little geekspeak: I'm writing this new post using a BRAND NEW version of firefox! 2.0. Upon first glance it's very similar to 1.5 but two things that I really like so far... All text appears a bit larger than before. And (you, my readers may appreciate this more than I) it has a built in spell checker! I've always been too lazy to run bloggers spellchecker so now I can see as I type any mistakes that I make (exactly like apple's applications). I've heard nothing but good about the browser so far check it out over at mozilla.

I've been enjoying the new TV show called Heroes. It's on Monday nights at 9pm (nbc). One side comment: I am a bit surprised at the gore factor on this show, and how it's getting past the censors. I would not recommend this for young kids. It's a show about these group of young adults/teens who are discovering they have "super powers" such as regeneration, flight, mind reading, etc... And we the viewer are being strung along on this ride as each one is discovering their ability and trying to figure out what is going on. It's well written, and since it is based on a comic book style, it of course has a geek factor. (which I like). Check it out if you can.

Then today I read this post! (link below) This comes very shortly after reading one of his other posts... This guy is amazing!!! Who am I talking about? Scott Adams. Ring a bell? He's the cartoonist who draws/writes the popular comic called Dilbert. This guy can pretty much accomplish anything if/when he sets his mind to it! Although I can appreciate the art and humor of Dilbert, I never really got into it. But I have a new found respect for Mr. Adams now. Read this link first, then come back and read this link.

Finally, a cool self promotion... I took part in an event called an art buggy race. I took a bunch of photos (well a friend took some of them too as I was racing) and I've just uploaded them to my flickr account. One of my favorite websites/magazine Make Magazine just picked up the story and used a link to my photos! Cool huh!? Well to me it is ;)

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rubixcubeman said...

If you like Heroes you'll love my blog, All about real heroes who have super powers just like the folks on the show. If you have a story thats out of the ordinary, or if you know a real life hero story come share it with me. If you have a hero story blogged, I'll link to it. Heroes is the best show on tv!