Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Sad day

Well, it's currently being talked about now on NPR as I write this, and I HOPE this continues to gather news coverage. I also HOPE that someone somewhere will step up and figure out a way to put a stop to this. Yes, I'm talking about the new Bill that the President has just signed regarding the Military commisions.

Here's a good article I found on reddit today on the Washington Post called "A 'Clear Message'". As he points out it's the Democrats too!!! What!? Why have they not stood up to this bill?

I also got an email from the ACLU today urging everyone to join an online petition. (I'm not a fan of these online petitions.) Here's the first paragraph of that email.
(By the way, I saw a good show on Cspan with the president of the ACLU (Nadine something), having a sort of debate with Justice Scalia. He mainted his cool and I thought came off better sounding that Nadine did. She annoyed me because she was interrupting the judge too often, where as he let her speak her piece before responding. Common courtesy. I think the judge "nailed" her (to use a 'colbertism') regarding polygamy. But I digress...
Today, President Bush signed the Military Commissions Act, an Act that stains our nation's legacy as the standard-bearer for the protection of human rights, undermines American values of due process and removes important checks on the President's power.
It just plain stinks.

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