Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 clean up

ok, I just completed a little bookmarking cleanup in my firefox browser. It started with just wanting to dump an old link that wasn't active anymore and turned into about an hour of going through a bunch of links that I saved in my "blog" folder. (ie: A whole bunch of blogs I've stumbled upon and saved). First, I made some folders to put them into... they are:
people blogs: this was a hard category, it's basically just blogs like mine with no real "direction" other than peoples thoughts on the web. People like my sister made it into this folder, along with "beautiful butterfly".
art blogs: self explanatory, basically anything having to do with art goes in here.
blogs about blogs: things like blog web design, templates, making money, etc...
environmental: self explanatory again.
food and cooking:
personal growth: corny name I know, but wasn't sure what else to call it. Things like inspiration blogs, thinking, etc.
techy make blogs: Most of my blogs fell in this category.

In sorting all of my bookmarks, it meant visiting each one again to see what it was. Ones I had not been to in a long time and forgot what they were. In doing this, I was surprised at how many of the blogs had fallen by the wayside - in that they had not been updated in several months. Sorry, but in a whole intertubes land full of blogs, if you can't update at least once a month, I gotta move on. (Sis is not included in this ;)

A good exercise to do at the end of the year.
I'm curious if YOU have other/better ways to organize all of the blogs you read? Post in the comments if you have any sort of system.

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valejandras said...

yay! i didn't get "cleaned off"... hee hee.

happy new year to you and your family... wish one to your sis for me, please.