Thursday, December 27, 2007


I FINALLY got around to watching Michael Moore's "Sicko" tonight. I don't know why it took me so long... actually, no, I do know why... I was afraid I was going to be depressed after seeing it. I literally just finished it about 5 minutes ago, so there is not much time to process all that, but I think I'll probably be depressed tomorrow. That's the thing about Moore's movies and books... they leave you with a sense of "Somebody should do something about this... 'I' should do something about this!... but where do I start? What can little ol' me possibly do?" And that's when the depression sinks in for me.
I won't go into rehashing the movie, only to say, YOU should watch it.
The other thing I want to say, is that I'm going to take one step further than what I really don't want to do... I prefer to "stay off the grid", but I think I'm going to get a passport soon. No real reason as of this time, but I am starting to think that if I ever want to jump off this sinking ship, I should have this important piece of paper that will let me do it. France is looking pretty good right now. (except I don't speak french)... oh yeah, Britain is looking good too. Canada does too, but I lived up North for a few months and I just can't deal with all that snow. I get cabin fever too easily.
It may be that my passport becomes my greatest "investment" in my future health care.
Michael's website.
Sicko on imdb.

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