Sunday, December 16, 2007

I am legend

Movie review time...
My friend and I saw "I Am Legend" (imdb) last night.
I liked it. It was a little long winded at times (In spite of there being very little dialog). But for me, Will Smith carried this movie. I thought his acting was really well done this time. If you're looking for the "goofy, joke making" Will Smith character, this movie is not it. It's pretty intense at times. There was one scene that was really intense because I think it spoke to some sort of basic instinct that makes us afraid of the dark. I'm not going to tell you about it, other than to say, I don't think I breathed much during that scene :)
Now... let me say this too... I knew nothing about this movie other than what I saw in the previews. I think this helped a lot. I managed to stay away from ALL of the reviewers who proceed to tell you the plot of the entire movie.
I also need to say, that my friend did not like it near as much as I did. After we talked about it, I said "Oh, you mean you were thinking during the movie?" He laughed and said "yea, that was my mistake." I on the other hand just liked the story and the monsters. As we talked about certain scenes we found several lapses of logic that didn't seem to make any sense.
So my advice, don't think about it too much, just sit back and enjoy it.

Oh, and the dog was awesome too!

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