Friday, December 21, 2007

Random thought...

Still pretty busy around here, but I had to throw this one out there.
So last night, I'm laying in bed and I was thinking about dreams. I had heard (or read) recently that this person (it may have been in the new book I'm reading about Nikola Tesla) was able to trace back his dreams to events that happened earlier in the day. I know it's been documented before too that our brain works while we sleep in trying to figure out problems. A simple example is when people say "I'll sleep on it" when faced with making an important decision... it's now considered a way of "buying time" but in fact it's based in letting the subconscious think it out while we sleep.
Then I wondered how much TV has influenced this fact now. Subconsciously we take in a LOT of input from our world, and proceed to "throw out" those things that we don't need to worry about. I was wondering for example in the process of flipping through all the TV channels on an average nights viewing how this might be effecting our subconscious mind in relation to dreams. I wonder how many less important discoveries there are now that scientists don't wake up in the middle of the night to claim "Eureka!" In my continued thoughts of dumping my cable TV, I'm wondering if my dreams might improve.
Just a random thought.

IF I don't post between now and Christmas (I probably will, who am I kidding)...

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