Monday, December 31, 2007

mystery UFO in the UK

No this is not another "Dorito UFO" that was spotted a month or so ago that I posted about earlier. (And, never heard anything more about so I guess it's another "unsolved" mystery).
This one is from a guy named Harry Hughes where he and his wife saw some strange lights in the sky after their Christmas dinner. The article (here) is in the "Flintshire Standar" and mentions video that was posted on the "Evening Leader"... I went to that website, and oddly enough it's the exact same article, and I could not find any video. It's odd to because the website design is identical as well, so either the Flintshire Standard and Evening Leader are sister publications, or one is stealing from the other :)

Here's a teaser quote:
Harry said: "They had been travelling west, but then they began to change direction one by one and started heading north. They were travelling at a high speed when they began to go north and were slanting upwards.

Note: Do they spell "Travelling" different in the UK?
Another Note: It's unclear if the photo is actually from Harry or from a different sighting earlier this year.

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