Thursday, December 13, 2007

Books vs TV

Ok, I know you are all probably tired of my rants against Comcast, but here's another one...
So a few days ago, I learned that they took away yet another channel from my subscription (3 in total). I also learned from the customer service person that I should also learn to expect more in the future because this was their way of "forcing" people to adopt their digital service. Which in 2009 we're all going to have to switch to anyway (though I'm still confused on this. Just when I think I have it figured out, I hear something new that confuses me. I thought this "all digital" thing was only going to effect people who are still using the rabbit ears, or antenna. The customer service rep told me no, this is not true, that unless you have a "digital tv" you'll need some sort of converter box even for cable.)
Anyway, I called and complained, and said I was planning on switching to Verizon Fios when it becomes available in my apartment complex (which the installer told be would be done at the beginning of December, but here it is middle of December and no word yet.) Comcast offered me a "one year promotion" for $44 a month plus "free" hbo. I should have taken it, but I was so fet up with Comcast, I said I'd think about it.
So that's the back story... fast forward to a few days ago...
I get my bill and low and behold, there is a notice in there that because of ALL the wonderful services that they offer and how GREAT they are, that as of next month (Jan 08), they are raising their rates AGAIN. So now my bill, if I go to the digital box, is going to be close to $60 a month now. ARGH! I just can't bring myself to do this.
So for the past few days, I've been TRYING to force myself into this new mindset to switch to their "basic" cable plan now which will be about $12 a month, but you only get the three major networks and a few other channels. I'll REALLY miss my Daily Show (although I think they are online now for FREE), Colbert Report, Comedy Central in general, not to mention one of my favorites "BattleStar Galactica" on the scifi channel. Along with the various 24 hour cable news shows, c-span, etc... I'm trying to force myself into thinking "you don't need it! It's Crap anyway, with commercials every 5 minutes, etc..."
I think I'm gonna do it. We'll see.
Then again, what would my blog be like if I can't have these long rant sessions about Comcast!?
[ crickets ]

Ya know... Again as V points out, I'm just being silly here... But, I'm actually considering starting up some sort of boycott against Comcast. You know, make up some flyers and post them around town telling everyone to switch to the "basic" plan to fight them from raising the rates. I don't know yet. Heck, if I don't have TV to keep me occupied, what else am I to do then but to stir up trouble like this :)

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valejandras said...

oh cyen... lol.

good luck on your coup.

i'll a petition if you need me to.