Friday, December 14, 2007

Ron Paul on PBS NOW

Don't forget to check out Ron Paul on the PBS TV show called "NOW". Tonight (12/14/07).
If you miss it, according to their website they are going to have the show available on their website.
I also heard something on the web about a fund raiser for Kucinich tomorrow. I've never donated to a political cause before... not sure if I believe in it.
I sent my first political email yesterday... apparently Kucinich was denied entry into the democratic debate from the Des Moines Register. I simply emailed them and said that I hope they change their mind. (I don't think they did). I don't have time to look up the exact reason (in the link above) but K's campain manager apparently worked out of a home office (very common in todays digital world), but the Register said that didn't meet the criteria for not being a "serious" candidate. Ugh. (here's a better explanation on Dennis' website).
Back to Ron Paul... I don't know all the details here either, but apparently a bunch of Ron Paul supporters got together and made a Ron Paul Blimp!

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