Monday, December 10, 2007

politics and polls...

So in all of the polling data being thrown around lately, I've been half watching some of the details... I've been hearing how poll data should not be trusted AT ALL! The way the people word the polling question is critical to how they can make the answers come out a certain way. I've also been noticing a total lack of some of the candidates in the choices (such as Paul and Kucinich). So today, I see this headline in my google news... How Huckabee has surged ahead and is TIED (within the margin of error) with Giulliani.
You read the article and it sounds like pretty big news huh?
Guess how many people they interviewed... 377! That's it!?
The lead sentence says the dramatic jump is going "nationwide" - you mean to tell me, you only questioned 377 people and you're going to claim that represents a nation of 300 MILLION people!? Cmon CNN!!! Did you not pay your phone bill? You couldn't call maybe, 1000 people?
According to this internet poll of only 13,502 people (and counting), Ron Paul is going to win this thing by a landslide!! I just wonder if all these people who can click a mouse on an internet poll are going to be the same people who go to the voter booths to click a rigged voting machine. We shall see.

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valejandras said...

i like the polls that are given on this site...

and they have some interesting takes on the candidates.