Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Eat a Frog day...

I had a better day today. Didn't start off too well as I had to deal with the maintenance people this morning to try to get my front door fixed. They were about an hour late, but the guy came and did the job (sort of... he left it unpainted, and exposed wood, but at least it's up.) But, after he finished the job, I was able to pull some information out of him about how they schedule appointments. It took some doing at first, because he was making up excuses as to why he was late (which was not what I was asking him), but in a nutshell they make appointments, but they make appointments for everyone who requests the same time slot. In other words, If I request an 8am appointment the guy at the desk will say "ok". Then if someone else calls and asks for 8am, he'll also say "ok". Then the actual worker will get a handful (he said sometimes more than 5) and it's up to him to decided which one he wants to do first. This explains a lot.
I hate getting upset at these type things, but it really bothers me when someone say's they'll be there for an appointment, then don't show. I also hate these things because I get angry at myself for getting angry in the first place over such a small inconvenience of no weather-stripping. There are people with MUCH more serious problems, and here I am angry because I'm being inconvienenced. Oh well... life goes on.
When I told someone about my woes this morning she said, "well you ate your frog this morning..."
It's a saying that means you had to have something bad happen in the morning so that the rest of the day should go better. I never heard this saying before, but like it.
On a GREAT note... no squirrels this morning! Wouldn't that be great if I scared him off on the first day (not likely, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed).

How does one find a good apartment? Is there such a thing?
What's better... an apartment complex, or a single landlord who is renting one or two apartments in a building? I need to start looking.

switching thoughts now...
This morning the President was to give another speech to try and defend his position on the war. A woman on CNN said something to the effect of... The public is losing it's support for the war, and the president is trying to make a speech to regain some of that support. (She worded it much better than I). It struck me as odd... If the approval rating is around 30% (according to some polls), and basically the President is supposed to "represent" the people... what has to happen for the people's will to be carried out? Does it always have to lead to something ugly (protests, fights, arrests, etc...)? I guess time will tell, but I predict things won't change until the next President is elected.

Changing gears again...
Why are there no fan sites for the Nick cartoon "The last avatar"? I got hooked on this cartoon over thanksgiving weekend, and just watched the season finale last friday night. I went online to try and find some images, or fan sites for this cartoon, and there was very little. Even the official site on Nickleodeon was somewhat lame. I guess I have to keep digging, or make my own :)

Enjoy the rest of your day (or night) stay healthy (Get better D and E),
Cyen out.


JWD said...

I can't believe you think you never heard the saying "you ate your frog for the day!" Mom used to say that to us all the time! I know, because now I say it to E! :)

Anonymous said...

Yep...Eat a frog in the morning and your day just has to get better. :-) Guess who!