Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Not a good day...

The dreaded "S" word...
I awoke early this morning (around 5:30am) and had trouble falling back to sleep. I am a light sleeper now due to a problem I've had in the past of having squirrels in the attic of my apartment. I went through a nightmare of dealing with not only the squirrels in my attic waking me at dawn in the morning, but also dealing with the idiotic maintenance people and the property manager. Eventually after many sleepless nights and mornings they caught the little buggers (what they did with them I don't know). Well, last year the squirrels came at the first real cold snap in late october (i think). Here it is December, and I thought I was going to have a good winter... until this morning. Sure enough, I walked into my kitchen and was folding a grocery bag, when i heard the distinct sound of a squirrel in the attic. My heart dropped. I honestly do not know which is worse, to have the squirrel problem, or dealing with the humans at my apartment complex. On a good note, as soon as the squirrel heard me moving around he left. I can only "HOPE" that i scared him off (but I seriously doubt it). I will probably be blogging about this experience as time goes on. ugh.

On another nature related note: No longer can we use the old saying about how science doesn't understand how a bee flys (is it flys or flies?)... Some scientists have studdied it and think they have come up with an answer. It's an interesting read here, but in a nutshell, bee's use their wings differently than any other insect... instead of increaseing the rate at which they flap their wings to gain altitude (or to carry nectar), they change the tilt of their wings, and maintain a steady beat (around 230 beats per second!). At the end of the article they say how this information may help the robitics engineers trying to create small flying robots. Cool!

Well, early to bed tonight, so I'll be well rested when the squirrels arrive tomorrow morning.

PS> I have been struggling with maintenance reagarding a different problem (the weather stripping around my door). It's like pulling teeth trying to talk to the guy in charge. I figure one problem at a time.

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