Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Wind Robots

I've heard of this guy before - Theo Jansen, and have seen the videos on his website some time ago, but just stumbled upon a link today where someone interviewed him on a podcast (mp3 audio file) so I thought I'd blog about him today.
I don't know how he does it, but this guy designed these amazing wind powered "robots" that walk across a beach. They're pretty large too!
Here's the link to his website.
Here's the link to the podcast interview.
I had difficulty in viewing the film files on his website (using a macintosh with quicktime). If you also have problems I can recommend this... Download a copy of VLC (a free opensource video player). When you get to the link on his website for the film files, "Control click" and download the files to your desktop, then drag and drop onto the VLC player.
Link to the VLC website.

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JWD said...

This is awesome! And I don't mean that in the Valley Girl sense of the term. The way his creations/creatures move is incredibly beautiful. Can you imagine a herd of them? Wow.